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My Tuesday Blog was ready to go on Tuesday, but my internet went out again before I could get it posted. Someone came out and ran a new cable for me yesterday and my internet is now working better than it has in months – yeah! So . . . Here’s Tuesday’s blog ~ on Wednesday.

Last week brought me tons to be excited about!  Sure makes for easy Tuesday blogging!

The forecast of rain most days left me feeling uncertain of the ability to capture what I was hoping to with my clients.  Turns out, even though the forecast was dreary, the off and on cooperating weather had me excited and seizing opportunities as they came.

Early on in the week, the weather held off just long enough for me to get some of the shots I needed with 18 month old Claire.  The damp day wasn’t favorable for her Easter frills, but it really turned into such a fun session.  Although Claire didn’t want to sit long, she became very attached to one of my little chairs.  So much so, that she wanted to drag it into every shot.  She was very precious dressed in her purple and white Easter dress.  When the rain broke for a short time, we ventured outdoors and captured some perfect moments near my purple tulips surrounded by trees in full bloom.  The purple was perfect!

I was happy to meet another busy little guy later in the week on Friday during his mother’s maternity shoot. Two year old Avery was not really interested in the photo shoot with mom and dad, but was willing to let me snap a few quick shots of him.  Just adorable!!  Little ones always bring such innocence, honesty and laughter to the lens.  I am always thrilled with the images I get from their shoots and even more so when the weather doesn’t get in the way of my plans.

On Saturday, the weather threatened an engagement session with Abby and Ben scheduled in Forest Park.  The forecast wasn’t promising for the evening so we opted to move the session up a few hours although still concerned that the rain may put a damper on the session all together.  I don’t think any of us were real excited about getting caught in a storm in the middle of the park.  All three of us appreciated the weather cooperating and allowing this beautiful session to continue as planned.

What a blast I had on Sunday shooting my Senior ROLE MODEL’s.  The kids did a great job helping me create a fun concept and I absolutely loved every look that hair and makeup stylists Marla Lebish (hair) and D’Shannon Llewellyn (makeup) created.  It was certainly a day full of excitement with music, snacks, props, blue skies, sunshine and smiles.  I even got to try out some of my new equipment on these soon-to-be seniors.  It was a long, but fun day and I can’t wait to share the amazing shots and video coverage from this fun session. Click this link to play a sneak peek slideshow of a few shots of the day ~ Cathy Hartman Photography Senior Role Models 2012-13

Special thanks this week to SNL Painting for transforming the walls of my front showroom into a shimmering shade of gold.  Looks amazing!  Looking forward to seeing the room come to life as I get everything put back together.

Tip of the week:  This week’s tip, isn’t really a tip.  Rather, an offer for a cool new find.  If you have an iphone4, I can make personalized cases with a favorite photo from a past or upcoming session.  The cost is $35.  Contact me for more details. Until Next Tuesday! ~Cathy

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