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Yep!!  It’s certainly a “Terrific Tuesday” again.

Last week I titled my blog “Terrific Tuesday.”  Who knew I would be so lucky to be calling Tuesday “Terrific” two weeks in a row?   I actually feel it’s a must today, especially with it being the first official day of spring.  While I’m mentioning luck, I’m hopeful this lovely weather pattern is a trend that grants me some luck with my upcoming shoots this week.  The spring surroundings at my home studio would certainly make for some amazing backdrops.  Cooperation from Mother Nature can certainly play a role in a photographers favor, but sometimes, the unexpected surprise creates the perfect treasure.

Can’t say I initially felt she (Mother Nature) offered me much luck this past Saturday at the St. Patrick’s Day Run and Parade in Cottleville.  For the past 3 seasons, I’ve captured images during this fun event and this year, I was lucky to be named the Parade’s “Official Photographer.”   I photographed from start (7:30 am) to an unexpected, surprise wet finish.   I suddenly found myself huddling with parade judges, emcees, and anyone else who joined the squeeze under the porch at The Flower Shop.  How quickly my lucky opportunity changed as I found myself soaked from head to toe, appreciating the fact that my equipment was safe and dry while waiting for the rain to slow enough to make a break for the car.  I must say, even though the midday thunderstorm from the rain put a quick damper on the festivities, it turns out, the down pour made for some of the best unexpected shots of folks heading for cover and dancing in the rain.  Once again…lucky!  I am really excited about some of these photos and think some of them may make some fun family memories.  Anyone interested in ordering photos can follow the link to my site.  Enter  client login and type green12 in the album box. 

Another unexpected lucky surprise came my way this morning in the way of some very exciting news!!  About 3 weeks ago, I did some special editing for a client ordering a photo on a large canvas.  Some of you may recall the photo, male dancer leaping under the St. Louis Arch?   I received a phone call this morning from Diversified Lab in St. Louis.   They featured my edited photo as the “Photo of the Day” on their Facebook page.   Can’t wait to get my hands on the canvas to see the finished product!  Yay!!

As always, much of last week’s agenda was made of the usual; editing work, a few great meetings with brides and finishing up a couple of albums.  I was very happy to finalize some decorating decisions on my front room currently being renovated into my showroom thanks to the assistance of SNL painting.  I’ve partnered with this organization on a few occasions for business and family photography and certainly appreciate all the business they’ve done for me as well.

I am really excited about the shoots I have on the schedule for the week, including the group shoot with my new Senior Role Model’s.  Watch for pictures and video coverage coming soon.  Once again, I am happy to introduce my Senior Role Models for the 2012-3013 season:

Henry Wynd – Marquette High School

Courtney Moeslein – Barat Academy

Lexi Lewis – Marquette High School

Kristen Warncke – Francis Howell Central

Alden Henderson – St. Louis University High School

Kate Thompson – Fort Zumwalt East

Danielle Colombatto – Fort Zumwalt West

Sydney Ockerhausen – Lafayette Senior High School

I am so lucky to love what I do!

Tip of the week:  “Luck is…believing your Lucky!”   ~ Tennessee Williams

Until Next Tuesday!



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